#vanlife is mostly an endless discussion about excretion


We do solemnly promise, that from this day forward (unless something truly hilarious happens (which will undoubtedly only be funny for one of us) there will no further potty chat… winterized #vanlife vows.

People who travel or live in vans or boats talk about crapping even more than people with young children so Lord knows this is no plan for people in early stages of a romantic relationship.

We’re moving in together after 9 months, under the stresses of having to save lots of cash in the months leading up to our departure with the prospect of working together full time. And then there’s the looming daily prospect of having to squeeze into a plastic molded cubical and evacuate our bowels just a few feet from one another. Sexy.

Luckily, neither of us give a hoot about that. Or at least we’re determined not to let it be an issue. James is a plumber and so he’s somewhat desensitised to the grimmer aspects of #vanlife and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful. The deal is, the toilet cassette is a ‘blue job’ but I’m going to have to know the tricks in case he falls off a cliff and breaks his leg or similar (more likely than you’d imagine).

You Tube is full of how to guides like this one… in our experience if you’re looking for an authority on such #vanlife matters, find a presenter with varifocals, a well-groomed beard and a socks and sandles combo that’d make your Grandpa proud.

You can also find some helpful info here from Julie and Jason of ‘Our Tour‘ who’ve provided a massive amount of useful info in our planning phases – check their blog, All things Toilet!

If you have any miracle suggestions for us, please let us know via our social channels—we’d love to hear from you.


Gobby, opinionated, professional ski bum. Co-founder of the Winterised Project.

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