Recommended Gear – Done

We get asked about gear all the time – from tyres to generators, snow-shoes to thermal screens. From years of reviewing gear both in our personal and professional lives, we’re pretty good at giving stuff a good shake-down.

James researches stuff like he’s a going to be grilled in court before buying anything and has a heavy hand when it comes to testing wear and tear. I like stuff to have Swiss Army-like functionality – especially when it comes to van-gear, so we’re a pretty good pairing when it comes to testing kit. Couple that with the fact that much of the stuff you’ll find here has been put through it’s paces in some extraordinary conditions and we’re confident that this gear has passed the ‘Winterised Test’.

Here you’ll find reviews, suggestions and tips on kit for your van, your adventures and activities and gear for your dog (a travel travel essential in our book).

electrical essentials for motorhome skiing