Essential Motorhome Ski Kit: Karcher Window Vac

essential motorhome kit karcher window vac

I can’t remember being this excited about anything since the first Dyson handheld thingy that completely revolutionised dog and stair ownership. The Karcher window vac is awesome.

We accidentally brought a Karcher window vac with us – it was very much on the ‘nice to have’ list but got bumped when we panic bought the whole of PC World in the last days before we left on our Winterised adventure. More concerned about out tech needs whilst on our ‘radical sabbatical’ and my ability to ‘digital nomad’, than the practicalities of living in a motorhome as sub-zero temperatures, getting hold of this domestic gadget somewhat appeased us and convinced us we were fully prepared for life on the road. The less said about that, the better.

Gadget Envy

Forget the brand spanking new motorhome we were cruising about in back then. Our Karcher has always been the envy of all our fellow winter travellers. We’ve got a pimp screen cover which keeps the screen clear and heat in – but the habitation area is a different matter altogether.

It doesn’t matter how well insulated and decked out for winter your motorhome is, if you’re planning to survive in -20C, you should be getting condensation. There’s no possibility of sleeping with the windows open in this temperature and couple these freezing conditions with a proper shower – steam is unavoidable if you’re taking advantage of all the on-board facilities.

6 habitation windows and 4 sky lights – there’s a fight every morning as to who gets to vac the windows. I wish I was joking. Imagine the disappointment when, having had a warmer night which allowed ventilated sleeping, there was nothing to vac… not even a dribble.

There are even some fancy anniversary black editions on Amazon but here’s a link to the one we bought and we thrilled with (and still are finding new things to do with it today!).

Here’s a list of what we use our Karcher window vac for:

#1 De-fogging windows

#2 Squeegy-ing the shower after use (so we can use it as a drying room for kit)

#3 Cleaning the glass tops for the sink and hob

#4 Doing the outside of the windscreen before travelling each time

#5 Cleaning the fridge out

Anyway – what we’re saying is get one. Everyone we met who ‘nearly’ bought one is kicking themselves.


Gobby, opinionated, professional ski bum. Co-founder of the Winterised Project.

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