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About Winterised

Winterised is an online resource for anyone travelling (or thinking of taking a trip) to the mountains during the winter in their motorhome, RV or campervan. Winterised is best known for no nonsense blogs and it’s YouTube channel where you can find comprehensive aire and campsite reviews.


We set up Winterised in 2017 as a way of documenting our grown-up gap year in the mountains of Europe. Having only met a few months earlier, we (Hannah James and James Tunstall) had this romantic notion of running away to the hills. So we did, and here we are. 

A lot has happened since then. Winterised has grown from a blog with just a few family and friends tuning in every now and again to a global tribe of Snomads – a culture that we now feel very much at home in.

The truth is there was very little up to date information available on the internet or anywhere else to help a deluded couple like us plan the holiday of a lifetime – motorhome skiing. We didn’t know where to go, how to get there, what we needed or how much it would cost. All we knew was that we wanted a van and we wanted to ski – all winter – chasing the snow from mountain to mountain and waking up every morning to epic views.

We didn’t even know where we could park – where this was even legal, and how we could find these places.

So that became our mission and remains the same today. Winterised is an ever growing resource for anyone looking to travel in their motorhome or RV in the winter – we cover park ups, aires, campsites, bars, ski hire, passes, vets, and many other things besides. We also cover the kit you need and gear you don’t and if you’re thinking of converting your own winter van – you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a seasonnaire in a battered old van; a family looking to stretch a ski budget as far as possible; or retired and living the high life in a luxury chalet on wheels – everyone slips on the same black ice round here!

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Hannah James and James Tunstall (Winterised)


There’s something special about people who jump in a van with their families and head up to the mountains in winter. They’re game and up for adventure. They’ve got stories and they’re always around to help. So – more than a resource for planning your motorhome ski trip, Winterised has also become a community of snomads, always ready to offer advice, online or on the aire. It’s a safety net for so many people on the road, the OG and newbies alike – we all need a bit of assistance sometimes!