Winterized the second season

It’s probably no surprise to anyone who has dipped in and out of our adventures over the last year to discover we’re off

We’re off! It’s probably no surprise to anyone who has dipped in and out of our adventures over the last year to discover we’re off again.

We’ve been re-stocking the coffers and contemplating the gazillion things that it’s possible to do on this planet – we narrowed it down to the following:

  1. Build a boat
  2. Run away to live in Patagonia and farm crayfish
  3. Join the Clipper Round the World yacht race
  4. Lurk behind @DaysAway and go wherever they’re going – always looks like fun
  5. Move to the mountains, find a base camp, get some goats and chop wood whilst touring around checking out aires and campsites and skiing through the winter

They all look lovely but we’ll take number 5 please Bob.

So we’re moving to the Pyrenees, to a beautiful homestead where we’ll be based for the first part of the winter, babysitting a menagerie whilst our friends return to the UK to escape the snow! Result!

What about motorhome skiing?!

We’ve got a lifetime of unfinished business when it comes to motorhome skiing! We’re not stopping that anytime soon but for this stint, we’ve got the gnarliest vehicle on the planet… and one that every outdoor person should own at some point in their lives… A PICK UP TRUCK. Too good an opportunity to miss!

It’s a monster and what’s more, it’s big enough to sleep in so it’ll be getting the wild-camping #vanlife ski-adventure treatment! It’s on loan so we can chuck it around in the snow and see what life is like on the end of a 4WD, jacked-up and country adventure-beast.

We did think about sticking a camper-top on it and then decided that we’d punished ourselves enough last year and we deserved at least a few months of maintenance free skiing and snowboarding this season! For those of you who met us on route, you’ll know we earned our motorhome skiing stripes!

Later in the season we’re hoping to pick up a tool specifically designed for the job of motorhome skiing and we can’t wait to give that a run around the hills and catch the sunnier skiing as spring approaches.

Motorhome Ski Tools and the Winterized Website

We’ve still got about 20 or so aires to upload from last season, lots of video to edit for YouTube and now at least another 15 winter aires to review in the Pyrenees so there’s no rest on the motorhome skiing front.

The Pyrenees is stunning – for those of you who haven’t been, we’re hoping to chuck some light on this area which is really well suited to motorhome skiers – quieter, wilder and a whole tonne cheaper.

So if you have any aires, campsites or wild camping spots in the Pyrenees, please get in touch, comment below or send us a message on social media – we’re building the ultimate list!


We know nobody on here signed up to ‘homesteading through winter 101’ so we’re trying to separate things a little – we’ll update you on that front in due course so if you want to see yet another farce where we take on something we know almost nothing about, you can follow that adventure through another alpine winter!

Wish us luck. We’re going to need it.

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