We get asked tonnes of questions everyday about motorhome skiing but time and time again, it’s about the best places to take a campervan or motorhome skiing. The first place we point people is our fantastic Facebook Community who can often answer a lot of questions for people planning their motorhome skiing trip.


However, sometimes forums just aren’t people’s thing and recently someone from within the Winterised Tribe ask if we’d put together a personalised travel pack for them, based on their preferences and requirements.

Amazing fun.

Leaning on the experience I gained in my first career in the travel industry (working for luxury travel agent Abercrombie & Kent and various expedition organisers), we put together an awesome travel pack for our first ever Winterised travel clients. They were thrilled and had an unforgettable trip. When they returned they persuaded us to set up a little travel consultancy so that we could help others plan their own trips – maximising their time and making the most of their trip.


We’ve refined a consultation process where we can learn everything we need to know about you and your motorhome ski ambitions and send you off with your very own personalised motorhome ski trip bible.

Is this for you?

  • If you simply haven’t got the time to do all the research in advance
  • You don’t know where to start
  • If you are taking a motorhome ski trip for the first time and want some support
  • If you want to make the most of your time in resort without trying to find things to do and places to go

How it works:

  • Select Winterised Travel Assistance package below (Black Friday Special £75 until December 6th 2019)
  • We will send you a questionnaire that you can complete to help us find out more about you
  • 45minute ‘chat’ via phone or video call with us where we discuss what we’ve learned in your questionnaire
  • Fully personalised Winterised travel pack including:

– Selection of places to stay

– Restaurants and Bars to your taste

– Important facilities (Ski pass, LPG, recommended ski hire, laundrettes etc)

– Events during your trip

– Other activities (from ice skating to ski touring)

– Any perks and discounts available to you

If this sounds like something you’d find useful and you’d like us to help plan your motorhome ski trip, book a consultation with us. We will send your questionnaire and once received, we will schedule a call to start building your dream motorhome ski trip.

Winterised Travel Assistance Black Friday Special £75

If you’re looking for support for something a little more intrepid, longer trips or more technical support, email us and we can discuss your requirements.