Winter motorhoming – we thought we invented that

winter motorhoming Facebook groups

Honestly, we genuinely thought we’d come across a secret way to travel which was only known to a very small handful of nomads and hippies. We thought we invented winter motorhoming (evidence here).

Errr. So, that was short lived.

This week, we decided to have a little look at some of the motorhome groups on Facebook and we were somewhat surprised to discover that, not only are we not the inventors of winter motorhoming but, it turns out, we’re not even in the advance party.

However, in good news, we uncovered a world of information, experience and support that we never knew was lurking in cyber space. The motorhome mafia are just about the nicest community we’ve ever encountered online and as well as feeling like proper newbies, we also know that if we login in the middle of the night with an unforeseen crisis, there will be someone ready to spring into action and provide remote technical support.

winter motorhomingUnbelievably, in the space of a few hours we’ve been offered a cuppa in Morzine, been given critical toilet advice and met some other bloggers – who incidentally, are currently sipping Chianti ‘whilst emailing’. Instant friends.

We do get the distinct impression that there is a contingent who have merrily reached for the popcorn in readiness to watch the soap opera that will inevitably be our winterized road trip. Thanks for tuning in guys.

Finding Facebook Groups

If you’re a motorhome type and you’ve not delved into the social world of Facebook Groups, you haven’t lived. Just use the search bar at the top of your home page and plug in whatever you’re looking for. Only thing we’d strongly advise is that you observe the group rules and regs. We have a few of our own rules:

[lists style=”style3″ line=”0″]

  • be nice
  • don’t give advice if you’re not qualified to do so
  • never eat yellow snow[/lists]

On our return, we felt that we had a bit to offer so we set up our own Facebook Group – Winterized Motorhome Ski Adventures (try that after a few vin chaud) – basically designed to share a bit of info and be a sounding board. Click on the link if you fancy joining that. There’s no such thing as a stupid question and we’re keeping it small in the hope that it doesn’t turn into carnage!


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