Some of you are new round here, some have been here since day one of our ridiculous escapades and others we’ve collected en route – thanks for sticking with us…

For those who might not know, as well as writing blogs and creating vlogs, we also spent last winter visiting a bunch of aires and campsites around the Alps and giving them a really good going over so that those of you who are planning a motorhome skiing trip, or who want to do some deep winter camping can see what to expect from each location.


We don’t really call our aire information ‘reviews’ (we try not to anyway). The reason for this? We kind of think of reviews as a summary that you would score out of 10 say – pitched against the competition.

Old hats or those who’ve started the planning stages of winterized motorhome skiing will know – you don’t really have a lot of choice. You want to go to Montgenevre, this is the place you stay. You fancy a stint in Alpe d’Huez, this is your one and only option. So the purpose of these not-review reviews is just to let you know what you can expect. That way you can prepare or, decide not to go at all if you don’t fancy.

It’s a work in progress and it’ll take some years to build into a comprehensive resource but we’re up for the challenge and we’ve made a start – click on the image below and you’ll see some of the first aires that have been ahem… reviewed.

Winter camping

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