WD40, Cable ties and Caravan and Motorhome cleaner – The three things that will get you through any crisis 

And we don’t just mean a motorhome/caravan crisis.


In June 2017, James and I set about planning an epic winter escapade in a motorhome. Having jacked in our real jobs and begged, borrowed or stole the rest of the kit we would need, we set sail from Dover on the 17th December, fully loaded.

Little did we know that one of the most talked about things in our van, one that we evangelised about continuously, and got us out of many a sticky mess (literally), would be an item we scratched our heads at when it arrived in November – nearly relegating it to the pile of stuff we’d only use when we got back.

AutoGlym Caravan and Motorhome cleaner, or witchcraft and wizardry as we prefer.

There’s little point in regaling you with a list of it’s possible uses because it’s infinite. We don’t have a dog (yet) or small people so we don’t think we’ve even touched the surface of what’s it’s true capabilities are… what if you were travelling with a clumsy old fool or even an artist??? IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES.

We learned of its magic in the most surprising way.

If you’re travelling in winter on a motorhome ski trip there’s something unique about your living space. It doesn’t get dirty in the way that summer touring leaves you feeling like you need to jet-wash the interior of your motorhome. It does however get WET.


Imagine the rage when I excitedly grab for the porridge oats one morning and find my feet and everything else in the galley area covered in dusty beige discs. We know we have less than 30 seconds before the damp dragged in from the external morning maintenance check is sucked up into aforementioned discs and they weld, forever, to everything.

Move aside Loctite – there is only one material on the planet with more sticking power than dried porridge oats… dried egg.


Motorhome skiing is not like any other type of motorhoming. We’ve tried to touch on some of the nuances between summer and winter motorhoming over the winter and I’m sure there are more revelations to come, but the rules are different and the challenges are many. Specifically related to oat-gate here are the things you should know before you judge:

1) We had no hand held vacuum. Why you ask? Two reasons. We had no garage or storage space for said item. Secondly, it’s another thing to concern yourself about charging. As we were often in places with no EHU (electric hook up), the idea of carrying something like this seemed one luxury too far. For reference, we were wrong. But that’s a difference story.

2) You’re up mountains, rarely a tootle down the road to a garage with hoover facilities.

3) These weren’t the normal oats– they were to super dusty massive jumbo oats.

jumbo porridge oats


31 seconds into the super speedy clean-up mission and we knew we were in trouble.


I yell…completely ignorant to how this might have sounded to the people innocently shovelling snow from their door steps.


What’s that stuff we’ve been using to get oil off our salopettes? (quite how we found that out I have no idea).

James rummages in our cupboard of bottles which between Autoglym and Thetford have us covered for absolutely every eventuality.

Liberally spraying this gorgeous smelling wonder-juice around the place, we manage to relieve the motorhome of the new artex style walls and flooring it had developed, the carpets were pristine and all was well in our tiny home again.


This really was the most unlikely thing you’d use caravan and motorhome cleaner for, and it is also awesome for more conventional tasks – cleaning all surfaces (internal and external), spritzing up upholstery, stain removal from clothes and hard surfaces – Including wait for it…turmeric.

There are so many things we’ve used it for we lost count.

On our return I spoke with the guys as Autogylm because it wasn’t just the caravan and motorhome cleaner that was invaluable, the -45 degrees screen wash (featured in our Zero BS Motorhome Ski Check List) and the Fast Glass (which I’ve been a fan of for 13 years in the automotive industry) both were used regularly if not daily.

Autogylm caravan and motorhome cleaner
Keeping the outside clean was a thankless task, so we rarely bothered.


The only downside is we daren’t look at the ingredients! Anything this versatile and powerful must be made of unicorn horns. We are however assured that there are no puppy dog tails or tiger claws in it so that’s something.

Other downside is that the smell is not for everyone, however we love it.

It now lives in the kitchen cupboard.


We’ve got 4 1litre bottles of Autoglym Motorhome and Caravan Cleaner to give away.

With all the fancy giveaways on the internet, you might not think this is much but Autoglym Caravan and Motorhome Cleaner has a retail price of £12.30 and this bottle will probably last you a year. We’ve got some left over so we thought we’d spread the love and hopefully one day, this will save someone else from a fate worse than dried on egg.

How to win – answer the following question in the comments below and we’ll pick 4 winners on Monday 23rd July.

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