There are a lot of silver screen covers on the market and as they’ve become more popular, they vary in price (and quality) dramatically. You can pay hundreds and hundreds of pounds – and the additional cost is merited if you have an A-Class  but if you’re in a coach built or van conversion on the FIAT Ducato base, this Hindermann silver screen cover is an excellent choice – it’s the one we had in our 2017/18 season and it stood up to a belter of a winter.

Why Do You Need a Thermal Screen Cover?

*Reduce/ eliminate condensation (van dependent)
*Thermal insulation – huge difference to inside temperatures
*Increased privacy and security
*Emergency thermal blanket for getting under your van when it freezes up!

It’s right up there on our motorhome skiing essentials and you can find out a bit more about that here if you click the image below.


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