We often get asked what apps and websites we use when planning motorhome ski trips and because tech is awesome, this list grows continuously. We’ve listed our favourites here:

Some of these are not in English so you might want to open them in Chrome if you would like an auto translated version.

Travel Apps

  • Alpen Paesse – Details all the cols and mountain passes that are impassable or temporarily closed across Europe. Extremely handy of you’re touring. (Thanks to Dick Donovan for this one).

Tolls and Route Planners

  • Via Michelin – clunky website but extremely useful and the most accurate resource we’ve found for toll planning. There’s also an App which is excellent – does the same thing.
  • Peage App – for iOS or Android. Toll calculator
  • GreenZones.eu – also available in app format, this resource will help you avoid costly fines and getting into a proper amount of trouble if you stray into restricted zones. You programme in your vehicle details into the app and it creates maps and has a number of other useful tools based on your specific motorhome (van, truck or bus). It seems costly but at £7.49 for 1 month, £12.49 for 3 or £27.49 for the year, you will save that in mistakenly driving through ‘red’ zones.

Fuel – LPG, Deisel, Gas, Petrol

  • My LPG – This is the only site currently that we know of that details LPG stations around Europe nearly accurately. The reason we started this LPG resource ourselves is just to verify the stations we know of near resorts that are operational and can take campers and motorhomes. We welcome first hand additions to this so please get in touch if you have any gems to add (Email us here).
  • Gazissimo – A gas bottle delivery service all over France – a few € delivery charge to campsites, aires etc. Great for those on longer term stays or who simply don’t fancy a mid-week move.