As a first time wearer of Keen boots I wasn’t sure what to expect – I think I had a suspicion that they might be style over function and as a Sorel wearer for our 2017/18 motorhome skiing season, they had lot to live up to.

I was surprised – they are much lighter than I expected and much more supportive around the ankle than they look.

Toastie warm (like seriously snuggly) and completely waterproof, they’re going in my kit bag for our 2018/19 season without doubt.

Spec of the Keen Winterterra Boots:

  • Leather upper – thought this would be the form over function bit but I was wrong – it’s a tough leather (mine are black but they come in two other colours – grey and a sort of purple) with reinforced toes and around all the usual weak spots.
  • Slip on – well, pull-on actually. They have two robust elastic straps – time will tell if they loosen at all
  • Waterproof – I spent a day puddle jumping to give them a proper run for their money – unless you’re going deep (the front yoke starts at about 4 inches off the ground – which is why they’re not a welly substitute) your feet will be dry. Perfect for snow tramping.
  • Warm – but not sweaty – it’s been a warm autumn and I haven’t found them to get too hot which is my usual complaint about winter boots.
  • Stylish – I think you could get away with wearing these around town without looking like an urban imposter but I’m not a great judge of that – I’ll wear wellies on the tube.
  • They’ll go under jeans as well as having enough room to tuck in or wear skinnies.

Anyone who’s read my blog on Apex Ski Boots will know I am broken – particularly in the ankle region which is why I’m very particular about boots. Some of my worst ankle turns have been whilst wearing boots and I’m pleased to say, the Keen boots leave me feeling confident that I’m not going to find myself sprawled on the floor with a twisted ankle. And I’ve worked out why. It’s the sole. It’s broad and has a few mm on the upper which means there’s no rock, despite them not being lace up.

There are a few things that could be improved and a couple that only long term wear will reveal but right now, these are a hardy and worthy competitor to their Canadian rivals.


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