We have nothing but gratitude for the Honda EU20i generator – primarily because had we not had it, we would have been taking a very early bath on our first motorhome ski adventure. Unlike other generators we had no difficulties at altitude. Occasionally it took a few goes in very cold conditions to get it going but it always did, every time. This is what separates this generator from the others. 

It is not cheap – firmly in the ‘£1000+ a bit’ bracket. There are a couple of extremely important reasons why you should invest in a high quality generator, not least of all is current stability – cheap generators fluctuate up and down and if like us you carry some expensive (and critical in Hannah’s case) electronic items, you do not want fluctuating power supply.

There are a bunch of pros and cons listed below but these are some of the things that differentiate the Honda EU20i from it’s rivals:

  • Microprocessor – protects sensitive gadgets (computers, iPads etc)
  • Automatically adjustable throttle – only draws what it needs at any given time
  • Reasonably quiet – 52dB (7m distance) which means you’re only really as loud as the ski lifts around you and won’t bother your aire-neighbours
  • Only 21Kg which means if you can ski all day, you can lug the generator (sorry ladies)
  • We kept this under our bed (we had no garage at this time) and never smelt fumes once.

HONDA EU20i Specification

  • 2000 watts max output (you can run your hair dryer)
  • Noise Output: 52dB(a) at 7m @ 1/4 load (89 full chat)
  • Lightweight: 21kg
  • Running Time 10.5hours @ 1/4 load (3.5 hours maxed out)
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Inverter technology
  • 12 volt DC output
  • Petrol Unleaded
  • Sockets 2 x 230V 13 amp 1x12v(DC) 
  • Output Technology Inverter (you can run your internal plugs)
  • Fuel tank Capacity – 3.6 litres
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 512 x 290 x 425 mm (important for where you’re going to store it)

There are a few that look similar and there are certainly a lot of imitation products on the market but here’s a link to the real mccoy – check the current price here – Honda EU20i on Amazon.


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