Joining The 2020/21 Winterised Tribe Community

Many of you who’ve been around Winterised since the beginning will have participated in the conversation across our various social channels over the years. This season, we’re bringing this discussion together in a new community app that we are really excited to launch – Winterised Tribe.

Warning: We are going to ask for a whopping £2 for access to this community – so we can have the useful features and functionality that make this app awesome.

Why Are We Building a Community?

Over the last three seasons, the Winterised Community has grown through our website and Facebook group and has thousands of participants.

There are super-knowledgeable motorhome skiers and boarders, generously sharing their vast experience; those doing some research for their first trip; all the way through to those folks who are just finding out that it’s possible to even take their camper, caravan or motorhome skiing – who knew!

The Facebook group has grown and been a source of really valuable information for all these solo travellers, families and adventurous couples and groups, and we wanted to offer a better, nicer platform for you to use as we navigate what is going to be a complicated season.

What is The Winterised Tribe?

Utilising a really great app called Mighty Networks (Android, iOS and Desktop), members will be able to interact with each other, both in a forum style, and directly, based on your specific interests – whether that’s the kind of vehicle you travel in, what sports you’re into or where you’re looking to go. 

It’s basically like a Facebook group but without the restrictions – the biggest bonus is that you’ll see exactly what you want to see, and nothing more. You’ll also see EVERYTHING you want to see – something that Facebook controls through it’s targeted adverts and algorithms which are increasingly annoying – only alerting you to what they decide you should see from the groups you are a member of.

There are Some Funky Features


Perhaps the feature we like best – you can join interest groups. The best way of explaining this is with a few examples:

Example: Van Specific – Chausson Owners

If you’re an owner of a Chausson or you’re thinking of investing in one, you can join the Chausson Group (these groups will be dictated by what you want). When you join that group, you’ll be able to see all the other members of that group and when anyone posts specifically to that group, the only people seeing that post will be other members of that group. It will also appear on your personalised timeline.

You can private message members of that group and if you’re looking for technical help, you’ll be able to see other members of that group that are online. Cool huh?

Equally, if you’re not in the Chausson group, you won’t have your timeline filled with discussions that you’re not interested in or aren’t relevant to you.

Example: Seasonnaires

The stuff you need to know as a seasonnaire, whether you’re touring or in one spot, is a bit different to those of you going for a few weeks – there are all sorts of hacks and challenges you need to plan for and there are plenty of very experienced folks around to share their knowledge.

Example: Activites – Skiing, boarding, Ski-surfing, Backcountry, snow shoeing… endless mountain activities

We’ve got a bunch or instructors and mountain leaders in the Winterised community. Whether you’re into skiing or boarding, backcountry or alpinism, we can create a group for you. The real upshot of this is that it keeps the very divided Skiers vs Boarders debate on Facebook where people can be divisive and argumentative on their own timelines!

So many more….. Country specific groups; travelling with pets; self-build information; Solo travellers – the groups function is going to change the game.

‘Topics’ make it easy to find information, ‘Groups’ provide access to specialist interest areas


We know there is a growing interest in a few of you getting together for meet-ups when you’re away, some solo travellers are looking for people to ride or ski with, and we have a few instructors who are keen to offer their services to people interested in some coaching or day trips whilst their on their travels.

We also have plans in place to run a series of winter driving courses in the UK and this is the place where we will be able to sign people up and manage any admin and charges associated with running these events.

We’re Charging £2 for Annual Membership – Why?

We’re charging an annual membership of about £2 (when you sign up, this is in $) for a bunch of reasons. The most obvious reason is that the App, with all the features you’ll be benefitting from costs us a monthly fee.

Running Winterised is a hobby that costs us loads of time and a fair whack of cash and that’s ok – it’s our hobby! However, we don’t want it to get out of control so if you want to contribute to make Winterised better and more useful, we’re happy to take a few quid from you!

You might have seen we’ve also added some new features to the website – a shop where you can purchase some of things you’ll need on your trips and we make a very small amount from those if you buy them – and we have a few links  to products we recommend in various articles on the site (see Recommended Gear) – none of these things cost you anymore by using these links but we get a few pence (literally) if you purchase any of these products. Every little helps!

We want to be able to offer the best platform we can and we also believe that if you’ve got some skin in the game, even a couple of quid for a year membership, will mean that those joining will be active and engaged. We’re organising a bunch of discounts too so the chances are you’ll make your money back on a thermos mug or a ski pass or something somewhere down the line!

If you don’t want to join, that’s fine! The Facebook Group will remain open and a place for people to hang.

What Will Happen to the Facebook Group?

Nothing for now. We’ll keep it open, try and moderate it as best we can and use it to encourage those who are looking for a different type of community to come on over and get involved with the Tribe. Anyone who’s been part of that community for a while will know that we’ve got a bit fed up with the Facebook environment – we believe that encouraging our awesome community to come to a new place will change the tone – back to where we started but more secure and with your privacy in mind.

Is the Winterised Tribe for Me?

Hopefully! We’re really excited about it – we’ve got new moderators coming on board with specialist experience and we think it’s going to be an awesome place.

We’re niche – we know that there are literally hundreds of motorhome, vanlife and ski groups out there, but there’s always been something a little bit special about snomads – you are a crazy-broad demographic; globally located; with the daft idea to put your house on your back and head to the hills……  in -40℃! 

You will have the chance to fill in your profile – a bit about you, and this is what a real community is about. We all have lives and jobs outside of motorhome skiing but here you can tell us your snomad story – without having to also divulge your academic background, who your mates are and what TV shows you’re into!

It’s a Work In Progress!

When you join, you’ll see that there are a few groups, some tags (use them like hastags to search topics) and we’ve posted some of the most popular articles from the Winterised website. This is a community driven app and will fill up as membership grows. We will be adding features as we see the direction the community wants to drive things and there are a lot of exciting things we can do.

How does it work? 

Click the link below, sign up for an account, pay your £2. Download the app if you want to and enable notifications if you want to. Introduce yourself if you want to, lurk if you want to. Play with the features.

We hope to see a bunch of you in the Winterised Tribe. If you’ve got any questions, send us a message on FB or email [email protected] – happy to chat.


Gobby, opinionated, professional ski bum. Co-founder of the Winterised Project.

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