Guaranteed snow every ski holiday

Winterized snow

Feeling disgruntled about the snow-lotto you play when booking your precious week in the mountains?

Fancy spending some time touring the alps?

Perfectly happy with negotiating a few switch-backs and stomach-lurching cliff edge roads for guaranteed snow?

You need yourself a motorhome my friend. This way you can have guaranteed snow every ski holiday.

You’ll also need a can-do-attitude and an adventurous spirit because whilst it’s not exactly the Dakar Rally, touring in a motorhome in winter isn’t quite as straight forward as jumping in your van, east bound and down.

Gone are the days when people trotted out of their door with a ten-year old Lonely Planet Guide and some travellers cheques. Time is money and we need to know the internet speed of every café in a 40km radius of wherever we’re going and I am not risking turning up to a holiday destination without knowing that Emma and Josh from Berkhampsted thought that Le Petit Croissant in town is THE place to get a Frappamacchiato.

This is Winterized.

It’ll take a while so please bear with us. We’re going to check out those wifi speeds, seek out the rad-est vegan juice bars and most importantly hunt down the most hispter barbers in all the Alps.

Actually what we’re going to do is find a launderette, check out the fuel prices and find the best open fire for quaffing cheese and wine and toe-toasting in every resort and ski area we go to. And of course we’ll evaluate the wifi.

We’ll also be doing a spot of myth busting on the way (yes you do need snow chains you nincompoop) and hopefully, answering some of the questions we had when we actually took the time to consider what we’d got ourselves into.

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Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Gobby, opinionated, professional ski bum. Co-founder of the Winterised Project.

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