Fortuitously, winter tyres are the least of our worries. It’s one thing both of us know a thing or two about and it’s been a priority to get good shoes on the motorhome from day one.

I’m a secret tyre geek. I love tyres and I love tyre people. Everyone needs to be part of a weird club and this is mine. 12 years in motor racing will do that to you.

An important part of our preparation for our first mountain road trip centred around the super sexy topic of safety. You can’t have a proper hedonistic road trip without meticulous planning…………

The irony of that statement isn’t lost on me, it’s just that I like the idea of not falling into icy ravines or being parked up on the side of the road trying to change a wheel on a 15 degree slope, so, mega winter tyres are important.

Falken Eurowinter van01We went with Falken Eurowinter VAN01s. Falken won the Tire Technology of the Year Award for its compound design and development process in the 2018 Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence and that’ll do as an endorsement for me. Couple that with high praise from industry chums of mine and we were confident that we were wearing the best boots for the trip.

I would go into the tech specs but ‘Advanced 4D Nano Design technology’ sounds more like a L’Oreal hair product than a cutting edge automotive technology – here are the other features that we were swayed by:

tyre specs translated

So there you have it. 

Winter tyres for motorhomes, caravans, and cars will always be a big part of our research discussion and debate and if you want to read up – here are a few more articles that go into various elements of why they’re essential and what you need to look out for. 

Essential Winter Tyre Reading


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