GasIt LPG Systems Discount

We’re very pleased to offer a discount on purchases made on the official GasIt LPG web shop.

Gas It discount

You’re going to find this useful whether you’re maintaining your existing LPG system, looking to upgrade or fit one from scratch.

The Winterised discount code is variable – what that means is you’re not going to know exactly what value discount you will receive until you apply the code at checkout.

Why is the code variable? Actually it’s pretty smart. GasIt are a British company based in North Wales in a competitive sector. They also have to import a lot of components and products to complete their excellent LPG systems. The world is a topsy-turvey place right now and so rather than applying a blanket discount, they cut their cloth according to their own margins, the exchange rate and the variable duties they are required to pay.

Bravo to them for being sensible.

[modal-link type=”link”]Click to reveal Winterised GasIt LPG Discount code[/modal-link]

[modal-content]The Winterised discount code is WinterGASIT. Simply add it in to the promo code box at check out.[/modal-content]


We input our complete system requirements this morning and the averaged discount was 5% on the total order. Very happy with that on an already like for like price.

Please do not share this across any social media or GasIt will have the right to remove it and that would spoil it for everyone. We are happy to support this business and we hope you consider them in your LPG system choices!

Happy shopping! Visit the GasIt webshop to see what motorhome goodies they’ve got!

If you want to see a bunch of items that we use and recommend, check out the Tested by Winterised pages where you’ll find a bunch of kit hacks and everything from generators to ski gloves!

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