Everyone loves a magazine but the trouble is, most of them are more ads than features and articles these days and you don’t always feel like you’re getting bang for your buck – and they’re definitely not cheap.

I started reading Fall-Line a while before we left on our Winterized Project motorhome ski adventure last year and somehow ended up writing a column for them throughout our season of snowchasing. By a twist of fate, in February they were looking for a new Digital Editor and I picked up the reigns and have been on the staff ever since! We also have another publication which has kept me busy throughout the summer called The Outdoor Adventure Guide and those of you who are 365 motorhomers (not us – firmly snow bunnies) might find some interesting reading there too.

What is Fall-Line Skiing?

FALL-LINE SKIING SUBSCRIPTION OFFERIt’s a magazine (and website) that covers everything skiing – from how to look after your kit; new places to ski and board; a tonne of gear reviews; and some pretty inspiring alpine adventures to boot. Graham Bell is one of our writers and everyone on staff (accept me) is really on top of their mountain game.

I love it. So much so that despite having the magazine sat in my computer somewhere as type, I will be waiting for my copy to hit the doormat just like everyone else.

Is it for motorhome skiers?

Yes. As motorhome skiers, we have more freedom and opportunity than most. We can hole up in small ski stations (rather than the big resorts), chase the snow, and hop from valley to valley – you’ll learn a lot of new places, that’s for sure. Fall-Line covers so much that you’ll find interesting – from helping you to take the plunge off-piste to learning how to ski tour or simply just improve your piste skiing. Motorhome skiers are DIY’ers – that means you’ll probably want to learn how to look after your kit – wax your own skis, prepare your skins – here’s where you’re going to find out how, from the best guys and girls in the business. There are a bunch of awesome competitions each issue and interviews and …. blah blah… you get it, I’m a fan girl.

Badgered the boss for a deal

The first issue of the winter (of which there are 6) comes out next week and has a few goodies with it if you buy a season long subscription by direct debit. That’s £25 for the lot and includes a mega road map of the Alps and a Tenson beanie. But…. I also managed to get him to chuck in all 6 issues from last year as a digital magazine. Double bubble.

There is so much good stuff in there and you can catch up on my column from the road too 😉

Here’s how:

  • Click the link : Winterized Fall-Line Skiing Offer
  • Add the magazine subscription to your basket
  • Continue Shopping
  • Add the Digital Subscription to your Basket
  • Add the Promo Code Free 2017/18 Digital Mags

And your page should look like this!

Fall-Line Skiing Subscription

And follow the rest of the instructions!

That means you have 10 days to get through an entire year of Fall-Line Skiing before the new magazine hits your mat next week.

This is a Winterized offer so please take advantage of it if you’re in the market for some new and inspiring reading material!

Plus, it makes you look like a badass backcountry skier if it’s on your coffee table. Fact.

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