LPG refillable bottles

Getting your gas management right on a motorhome ski trip is going to make your life a whole lot easier…

But like with everything motorhome related, you’ve got whole heap if options, all of which seem to add up to six; two threes; and half a dozen.

First thing to know if you haven’t travelled in Europe before with LPG in mind. IT’S CALLED GPL. It’s obvious but just thought it was worth noting!

We made a little quiz so you can work out for yourself if you need to invest in some LPG refillables – but you might notice… we’re a bit biased.

Below our super scientific quiz you’ll find a bunch of links to the kit on offer in the LPG refillable market plus links to apps and various kit we found useful – we used the Safefill bottles. The difference between these and the Gas It and Gaslow versions is bottle weight and how widely they’re officially recognised. Other than that, there’s not much in it.

Also included in the recommendation list is an adaptor kit if you decide that LPG refillables aren’t for you or you’re just thinking of a few campsite based trips.

LPG refillable Bottles


Our recommendations:

LPG Refillable Bottles

Safefill, Gaslow and Gas It are the current brands available in the UK – check them out on Amazon:

or on Outdoor Bits (link below):


Accessories and travel adaptors

LPG (GPL) Travel Adaptors (Europe)

More tips for the kit you need for motorhome ski adventures and deep winter camping:



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