What the…..how much loo roll?

What the…..how much loo roll?

Anyone who has been following our blog will know by now that we are ridiculously lucky. From being loaned our motorhome to getting a whole heap of equipment lent or gifted to us, we are very aware of how fortunate we are.

In return for these generous gifts, we’re doing what we can to assist with anything and everything that two total novice motorhomer’s could offer. So, what can we possibly do to help Thetford? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments below!).

Actually, we’ve got this one licked. We know exactly what we can offer the inventor of the porta potti – the single greatest invention for sanitary nomadic living. The stupid factor.

You see it’s like this. Nobody reads the instructions. It’s not Ikea furniture where at least half the population construct to the manufacturer guidelines. Nobody reads the instructions on how to operate a toilet. Not until it’s too late.

Here’s where we step in. You can look up all sorts of ‘How to’ guides on YouTube. But nobody’s cornered the market on ‘how not to’. This is our gift to Thetford. How not to do everything. A reinterpretation of the instruction manuals so that they are intelligible for completely moronic wallys who don’t ever do what they’re told.

We’re not judging…. we just know what we’re like and we can’t be alone.

Surprisingly, Thetford loved the idea of us myth busting some motorhome appliance related questions and have even supplied the most common ones from their customer services team – see, it’s not just us!

We got a little email…. “we’ve sent you a few supplies for your trip, they’ll arrive next week”. ON A PALLET.

The clever bods at Thetford worked out exactly how much we’d need in the way of consumables for our six month trip and sent it to us. ON A PALLET.

So now we have no room for knickers but you can rest assured, we’ll have clean bums and a pristine bathroom.

Thank you Theford. And if you have any suggestions as to where you can stow 6 months supply of loo roll in a 7.3m motorhome, we’d gladly hear them.


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