Winterized and Fall-Line Skiing

Winterized and Fall-Line Skiing

Turning our trip from a ‘jolly’ into a radical sabbatical was never the plan, not really. It wasn’t until we had buried ourselves in the internet for two days without coming up for air that we realised we had an opportunity to put something together that might offer value to other people looking to road trip around the Alps in winter. Perhaps more importantly, it would give us the chance to share the pitfalls and gaping minefields that we know we’re facing as we head out to the snow for the winter. Great idea.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well exactly. Neither of us have any ‘social presence’ to speak of and the website is a work in progress which will only start offering any significant value once we’re on the road and updating live.

So we’ve got nothing – nada. Nobody is going to listen to two idiots with no experience motorhoming; no seasonal resort experience; and in the grand scheme of things very little snow sports experience. We have ZERO CREDIBILITY.

So – no audience and no authority.

Not people to let a little problem like that dampen our spirits we set about sorting problem one, no audience.

I made a call to my oldest friend – fortuitously, a bona fide journalist – who gave me a simple instruction. Go and ask for help.

And this is how we managed to get involved with the best ski focused magazine on the shelves.

How we did it:

  • Visit WHSmith
  • Stand uncomfortably close to ski-bum type in magazine area
  • Peer weirdly at said chap until he gives in to social convention and asks if he can help
  • Ask which the best ski mag is
  • It’s Fall-Line Skiing.

Job done.

Fall-line Skiing

One painfully frank email and a couple of brutally honest phone calls later and we’d been given the chance that was going to springboard the Winterized project.

Three days ago, I filmed myself walking into that same WHSmith looking for my first column (page 73 if you’re interested). I’m sure the brunchers of Banbury Castle Quays shopping centre thought I was off my head chuntering at my phone and scouring the shelves. Did not give a monkeys.

So a huge thanks to the Fall-Line team for supporting our daft adventure, giving us a voice and the opportunity to document our trip in a meaningful way. We couldn’t be more grateful.

If you’re a skier and you can bear torturing yourself with a cover to cover snow-fest, buy this magazine for the following reasons:

  1. Because there’s nothing like a magazine to get you excited about a forthcoming trip – fact
  2. Really interesting features and articles by real snow people – and dang useful too on the kit reviews particularly
  3. It might just inspire you to visit new places, see new things, try new sports… who knows…

First issue of the season is out now and you can buy or subscribe at

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